You know if there’s one thing I just can’t drive by without taking a photograph of and that’s an awesome sunset over a beautiful river.  This evening I was traveling home and as the sun was setting I looked down at Hydroelectric plant and waterfall and it looked gorgeous…so I stopped.

This location has been home to hydroelectric generation for more than 100 years, beginning with PGE’s Station A in 1889 and continuing to this day with PGE’s T.W. Sullivan Powerhouse, built in 1895, and the now-shutdown Blue Heron Paper Company (BHPC) powerhouse, built in 1916. Paper mill operations have also been present at the Falls for more than a century. Historically the area was also home to flour, saw and pulp mill operations that no longer operate. A navigation canal and locks on the west bank of the river have been operated since 1873, providing 30 ft of lift for commercial barge transport and recreational boat traffic.

A few summers ago (when the locks were still open) I took my family through them.  We started up river with some foot and a full tank of gas then proceeded down river into the waiting gates of the locks.  We entered the first set of gates as they let water out to lower us, then on to the next set of “stair” chambers where they again let water out to lower us down.  This happened three times until we were level with the lower part of the river.  We untied from the side and away we went.  It was a cool experience.

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