This past Valentine’s Day was one of being a bit creative and artsy.  I knew that was going to be the case when Tonya was at our formal dining room table and it was full of colorful trinkets.  There were boxes, stamps, pens, colorful papers, heat guns, you name it she had it out.  One of the things that continues to amaze me is the creativeness she has in her mind.  She has made so many custom cards I can’t keep track of them (sounds like another blog post in the future).

This Valentine’s Day instead of making cards to the kids, she decided to make something bigger.  She purchased miniature mailboxes, custom painted each one, then added embellishments (I think she calls them), and they were all different.  Inside she filled them with treats, trinkets, gift cards, and other surprises.  I know for a fact our children “LOVE” getting these small gifts from their mom, and this VDay season will be no different.

I was lucky enough to have my camera out and was able to grab a few shots before they hit the trucks to Vancouver and Bend!  I love them and if you do, show her some love in the comments section below and “Like” it.  :)

Mini-mailbox Tonya put together

Another design by Tonya

"You've got mail!"

Madison's pink mailbox