Tonya and I had the pleasure of photographing Tex Ann for a portrait she wanted to submit to a camp in Montana.  Her story touched our hearts as franky we “hate” cancer since it has taken both of our fathers.  Not Text Ann!  She is a breast cancer survivor and such an inspiration!

She does yoga and part of the image submission was kind of a cowgirl yoga kinda thing.  Now I know when you look at me you’re thinking, “He looks like he does yoga.”  Well I hate to say it, but I don’t…yet.”  So Tonya and I were leaving it up to her to bring us some examples so we could storyboard out her shoot so she had a couple options to choose from.

She arrived very prepared with some examples of yoga poses in different scenarios.  We shot for a bit with different looks and backgrounds until we nailed the shot.  How do I know?  Well when I showed her the back of my camera she said, “That’s it!  That’s the one I was envisioning.”  We all hugged and smiled.  It was awesome!

We delivered her prints today for her and her family.  We are wishing her luck in all her goals for the camp and I can’t say a bunch right now, but you will DEFINITELY be seeing us working together in the near future!!!!  More to come on that!!

Here is the image she chose to submit.

[image align=’center’ src=’/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/wpid7278-Wilsonville-Portrait-Photographer-naccarato-photography-1.jpg’]