I remember getting a call at our studio from a woman named Bethanie.  She was just chatting away about how she and her daughter Skyler wanted to have her senior pictures done by us and to please call her back.  After playing some phone tag, we were finally able to connect.  We talked for a bit then she booked us for her shoot.

A couple weeks later we were able to do a Skype call and meet each other face-to-face (in a computer kinda way).  I could tell after a few minutes we were going to have a fun shoot!  They never stopped smiling and talking about what kind of outdoor stuff she loved.  I was so humbled that she had received a list from the Clackamas School District of 50+ registered photographers and after she went to all of their websites (sometimes twice) and looked at their images, they kept coming back to ours.  We were glad.

In putting together the storyboard and planning out her session, she had created a Pinterest board with her ideas and stuff she liked, which really helps me as a photographer and Tonya when she’s getting her ideas together for styling for those locations.  I definitely knew she wanted trees and long driveways.  Luckily I had met someone close to our home that had a long beautiful driveway and got permission to shoot there.

When they arrive we talked about locations I had scouted, then Tonya put together the outfits she brought for the areas we were going to shoot.  We headed out on that 80 degree day and had a blast.  Skyler brought her boyfriend Jordan with her and we even took some portraits of them for her wall.  We were so happy to meet them and honored to have captured such a beautiful young woman.