You just never know what is going to happen with your old high school friend from 30+ years ago tells you, “Hey can you bring your camera to Utah and take a few quick headshots of myself and my son?”  Well of course I will Mimi!

Now the plan was that while I was playing in a Member-Guest golf tournament with her husband Steve we would scratch out some time to scout out a cool location, and do what we do.  Well… when you’re playing 27 holes of golf a day, then doing after tournament festivities, time slips away.  It was at a point that Mimi said “don’t worry about it, I know you guys are pretty limited with your time.”   Never one to let anybody down, Steve and I left early from a couple events and headed back to his place to grab the girls, who earlier in the day, found a great spot outside of Draper, Utah in a nearby city that had a some graffiti painted walls that had a ton of color.  Mimi wanted them done there.

So after getting back to the house, we quickly loaded up and headed out for the 30 minute drive, while watching the sun set behind the mountains.  To put it lightly, we were pressed for time…big time!

We screeched into the alley and started setting up speedlites, stands, and finding the perfect spot that didn’t have the “f-world” painted on the wall or a big male penis.

We found a good clean spot and cranked out a quick 10-minute photo shoot down and dirty in the alley.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to accomplish the mission with limited lighting and a location where people are walking by in front of your camera.  We didn’t have much light, so I had to use what light I had available there, and add additional lighting to the mix in order to get some shots.

Everyone worked hard (at least for 10 minutes) while capturing the images she wanted.  We finished off the evening with an awesome dinner outside in the 75 degree weather, downed a few inflammatories for the sore muscles and called it a night.