I recently had the privilege of being asked to photograph the 2014 Portland Teen Idol Semi-Finalist contest night held at the Multnomah Arts Center.  There was so much talent in the room with the teenage singers it was incredible.  The room was full of support for these talented teens with mothers, fathers, grandparents, and friends.  Produced and MC’d by Dennis Gleason of Dark Wing Productions and with his wife M’Chel Gleason running things behind the scenes, made the night enjoyable for everyone.  Judges Larry Overman and Karen Lovely gave great feedback to the contestants after each performance so that moving forward they could all become better at their talent.

When all was said and done, 14 contestants were put through to the final round of judging to be held on June 14th in Beaverton.  Check out Teen Idol’s website for more information.

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