Headshot Photography

The importance of a great headshot.

You may be wondering why headshots are so important. Why should you invest your time and money to have them done? Well, in most cases, people meet your headshot before they actually meet you. Your headshot is your first impression. And in order to accomplish your professional goals, you need to have headshots that truly reflect who you are and convey those special qualities you want highlighted.

For example, if you’re an actor up for the part of a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky best friend, you need a headshot that shows off that aspect of your personality. If you’re an author who wants a memorable photo for your book jacket, then you need a headshot that allows you to connect with your readers on some level. The end result will pay for itself time and time again.

We approach Corporate headshots with your time in mind.  We arrive at your office or desired location around 30-60 minutes before the shoot to set up.  We’ll have 1 or 2 different shots set up and already tested out.  When it comes time to shoot, the actual sitting time is very short and painless.

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Oregon City Headshot Photographer
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Professional Lighting

We use state of the art off-camera lighting to give your portraits that "magazine" style soft beauty look (for the girls), or a more edgy look (for the guys).  I mean let's face it, there is not always "great" light in this world whether outside in direct sun, or indoors in a dark venue at your dream wedding.  No matter what the environment is, we can shoot it.  Our goal is to make your look your best and most natural.

Specialty Products

We not only offer the retouched file for you to use in your online business persona for LinkedIn profiles, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platform, but also products that you cannot find in the local chains such as custom framed metal prints.  The metal prints look spectacular in your place of business where people can put a face to the person that is helping them.


On-Site viewing

As we shoot your portraits, those images are sent wirelessly to our computer so that you can see them in large format.  You can then sit down periodically and choose the image(s) you like the best in a large view.  Once the session is over, you leave knowing what images you have chosen that are going to be professionally retouched and sent over to you.

Custom Composite Creations

We create custom advanced composites placing you into scenes you never actually visited, to bring out your uniqueness.  We do this with our professional lighting, backdrops, and years of experience using all of the Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Session pricing.


1-hour indoor studio session
Two outfits
Includes three professionally retouched digital files
**additional digital files are $50 each.


Per person


1-hour indoor studio session + 30 minutes with hair/makeup prep
Professional Hair/Makeup 
Two outfits
Includes three professionally retouched digital files
**additional digital files are $50 each.


Per person


2-hour indoor/outdoor/ or on-location session + 30 minutes with hair/makeup prep
Professional Hair/Makeup 
Multiple outfits
Includes 5-8 professionally retouched digital files
**additional digital files are $50 each.


Per person

Designed by John Naccarato