This past weekend Tonya and I were pleasantly surprised when our daughter Kayla and her family (Micah & baby Justus) decided to drive over from Bend, Oregon and visit us for the weekend!  Also, to make it better, they wanted to take Justus to the Oregon Zoo for his first time…of course we were totally in!

The evening prior to heading to the zoo we had some friends over for a barbecue and pool party that wanted to see the family and how big Justus has been getting.  We all had a great time!

The next morning we headed to the Zoo in 92 degree weather.  Justus did great!  He didn’t fuss, get upset, or mind the stiller and heat at all (he actually fell asleep at one point).  We visited the animals that were brave enough to come out into the heat and I took some candids of some animals and Justus as he checked things out.

We then headed home with the heat really kicking our butts, and got in some pool time.  Justus decided he was going to clean the fountain, but had enough and decided to take the plunge “inside” of it until his dad (the party popper) caught him.  I was an awesome weekend!  Here are some snapshots captured at different times as well as a little video I put together :)