The Challenge.

“Our challenge is to take the most beautiful photographs that you could possibly image, and to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.  Your challenge is to resist keeping them all.”

PORTFOLIO (the gals)
PORTFOLIO (the guys)

Portland, Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer


The Portland-Metro area’s most sought-after high school senior portrait experience awaits you!   We only shoot a limited number of sessions each month so we urge you to book early!  Some high school yearbook pictures are due to the school as early as October 1st so that means getting them done early.  Call us or contact us to talk about your perfect session. 503-625-7821.

Beauty is more than skin-deep, it’s a quality that shines out from the inside.  There is beauty in each and every person!  Our gift is that we know what beautiful looks like and we know how to capture it.  So, take some time, sit back, relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy browsing through our images and information. We love our job and we love to create awesome graduation pictures for high school seniors.

Once you are ready to see yourself through our eyes, we’d like to invite you to a personal session with us. It will change the way you see yourself.  We want you to look and feel beautiful and we know that once we have you in front of our camera… we are going take the best photographs you have ever seen of yourself.


“You guys are awesome.  Your enthusiasm is contagious and we are excited!”
Aimee C.

Senior Mom

“Hello John & Tonya, we were just working on Lauren’s graduation party cards and figured out what the SURPRISE inside was!!!  Thank you so much!  That was very thoughtful of you to order extra for her.  Now she can send everyone an official beautiful party card and might even invite a few more people.  You are the BEST!”

Marlene B

Senior Mom

See the experience.

Choose your session.

Basic Session



2-hour session
Unlimited outfit changes
On-location shoot or in studio
Complimentary yearbook photo

Destination Session



Travel anywhere in World
Create one of a kind session
Be the one all sessions are measured
Create your perfect session with us


View our Senior Investment Guide.



We get this question a bit and we know how you fee about the digital negatives.  We have found that out clients love having something they can touch, display, and hang on the walls to enjoy every day, versus files on a thumb drive in a drawer.

With that being said, all purchased prints come with a low-res, social media digital file that you can have on your smartphone, or share on Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Clients can purchase high-resolution images for printing on an a la carte basis with discounts the more you purchase.


Sessions with John & Tonya are nothing but exciting! John is uber enthusiastic, animated, and will show you how to pose for each shot if you need it, or you can just move about, be yourself, and let us capture you naturally.  Everybody is different. This isn’t just any portrait session, it’s an experience!

After you decide to have your portraits taken by us (which we are always honored by the way) here’s what you do next:

1.  Choose your Session and click the “Book” button.  Once paid, this will lock in your session date and time with us.
2.  We will contact you to discuss your shoot and what type of images you have in your mind
3.  We will pick a location for your shoot
4.  We will email you a Questionnaire and Model Release
5.  Then get you Prepared for your Session

A typical senior session last approximately 2 – 2.5 hours, giving you plenty of time and options to get the images that represent you. All seniors are encouraged to bring 10 outfits. You’re only a High School Senior once so we want your images to represent you to the fullest.

Once your session is all finished, we take the images and make them even better. This usually takes about two weeks.  Everyone then comes to our home studio where we will reveal your images on the big screen.  You will then choose your favorites and order/pay for your products at that time.

We then process your order and build any custom products you want such as a Custom Album, iPhone app, wall collections, etc.

After the order arrives back at our studio from our professional lab, we ensure they are perfect for you and there are no issues.  We then contact you for a date/time to pick up your order so you can enjoy the family heirlooms forever.

You are then free to do your own rendition of a happy dance.


We know from experience that one of the things that make our Seniors nervous is not knowing what to wear.  Well we have you covered.  We have Pinterest Boards that give you ideas on what to wear based on your style.

Still nervous?  Don’t be.  Tonya is your personal stylist to help you before you even show up, and the entire day of the shoot so you will always be looking your best.  How cool is that?

Don’t have at least 10-outfits?  No problem.  We have “heard” that some Seniors go shopping for their outfits then return them a day or two later if they “don’t like them.”

The first email is on the way!