This wedding is a bit special to me and my wife Tonya.  I happens to be of our daughter Natasha and her new husband Randy, and was held in Woodland, Washington.  As a professional wedding photographer, how could I say no to my daughter who asked me to photograph her wedding.  She also wanted me to walk her down the isle, so I had to hand off my camera to my son-in-law to take a few pictures since I didn’t want to do “selfies” as I walked down the isle with her!

This wedding was definitely a family affair.  For months family members helped transform Tonya’s mom and dad’s house (Allen & Marti Bell) into what you will see in the pictures.  Tonya would drive up early in the day, help work around the property setting up, building, and planning with Marti.  Allen, Ryan, Simone, Willy, Angie and others would be moving rocks, trees, planting, and decorating.  Allen with his dozer building a waterfall, to the handheld “bling” tree made of lights, to Tonya and Marti running around picking up LED solar lights, etc.

Marti was a real superstart!  She not only made the wedding cake, but “hand-made” Natasha’s beautiful dress.  She also made some of the other dresses that were worn.  She is a master seamstress, which is not even what she does professionally.  She is a dental hygienist so it was definitely a blessing to have her make this one of a kind dress.

As you can see, this was a small intimate wedding on Marti & Allen’s beautiful property that they transformed just for Natasha and Randy.  As you will see by the last two photos (which look like Disneyland) it was something else!