I remember getting the email from this beautiful woman named Natasha asking if I would take her portrait, again.  You see, as an Oregon headshot photographer and senior photographer I sometimes get the privilege of photographing friends and clients multiple times throughout their lives. This is what keeps my going and striving to be better at my craft.

Natasha came into our home studio and it was like we just saw each other the day before.  She and her mom, Laura, walked in the door and the hugs and laughs began.  We shot in the studio for an hour playing music, laughing, dancing, and singing.  Of course, working in between because at times we forgot why were all there.

All in all, we put together some images she can use in her acting portfolio in Los Angeles, CA, where she is currently living, going to school, and performing.  We wish her all the luck and anything I can do with my craft to help her achieve her final goal(s) in life I will do to my fullest abilities.

“Break a leg” Natasha… :-)