Well, I can’t believe our son is graduating High School.  Tonya and I are very proud of all our children, Natasha, Kayla, and Brandon.  Brandon is our youngest and we just can’t believe where the time has gone.  It seemed like yesterday we were running him around to the mountain to snow board, to the river to wakeboard, to the skate park to skateboard, to football practice and games, and to all his Lacrosse practices and games.  That slowed a bit when he got his license, but we rarely missed a game in any sport he was playing.

He has turned into one of those great young men who will look you in the eye and firmly shake your hand, hold the door open for you, say please and thank you, and continue to do all the right things that people respect in other human beings.  He loves his sisters and their families, and has the biggest heart around.  He has the humor of Jim Carey, and we can both go at it with movie lines until we both fall over dead.  He can make you laugh until you cry.

He’s a music lover, a DJ at heart, a singer, and an athlete.  With the help of his friends, he’s turning into quite the Toyota mechanic and when he’s not at home, you can find him at a friends house tearing his truck apart to put it back together with something else cool on it.

He has made us very proud and we are both sad that this day has come, but know it was inevitable.  We know that whatever path and profession he chooses in life, he will be extremely successful.

We love you son.

Wilsonville High School Graduation - Brandon Naccarato

Class of 2013.  Brandon Naccarato with his buddies Ryan & Tyler

Brando with his buddies Ryan & Tyler

2013 Senior (and son) Brandon

The “proud parents” with Brando.

Tonya's "girls" from Wilsonville High School we had the honor of photographing.

Some of our Senior Girls from Wilsonville High that he grew up with (Kaley, Brianna, & Doone)

Brando taking the walk

Brando taking the walk