Katie’s West Linn High School Senior Picture’s

This year I had the great honor of photographing the beautiful Katie’s high school senior pictures.  Now, I’ve known Katie and her family for the past few years and how we all met, well that’s a story I would have to share over a beverage or three.  Let’s just say it was law enforcement related :).

I first photographed their entire family, along with parents and other siblings a few years back when the girls were younger.  Fast forward to 2016 and she is now going to graduate in 2017.  Katie wanted bit of an edgy shoot in downtown Portland, Oregon and we were up for the challenge.

We started off at our makeup artists’ home studio where Katie got the full treatment.  While waiting to get done, I stepped out on the balcony that overlooked part of Portland and the clouds were amazing!  Since we were looking for different elements, I decided to grab my Profoto lights out of the truck and take a couple portraits before leaving.

The first portrait you see below was the first shot we took and I loved it as it was just a perfect smile and she was extremely relaxed.  I knew then we were going to have a fun shoot.

We continued after that towards downtown Portland and stopped at a series of places in order to capture her beauty with different architectural elements and colors.

Below are some of the images from the session.


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