“Am I seeing double” you are asking yourself?  Nope!  They are twins Zach and Jake Houser from Wilsonville, Oregon.  These two boys are the sons of Christi Houser.

Now you know the world is a small place because I went to Newberg High School with Christi and not only that, years later she became our State Farm Insurance Agent!  As the years went on her boys got older and became two young boys that any mother could not be more proud of.  Not only are they 4.3 GPA scholars in school, but track stars as well.  They have written their ticket to go to any college in the world.  I know she is extremely proud.  So are we!

We were thrilled when she asked us to photograph her boys for their senior pictures. Now, as guys, you know they just want to “Get’R done.”  Girls plan things out and they wait for professional portraits for years.  Guys are 180 degrees.

However, these guys (once we started going) were a blast to photograph.  Picking out spots in downtown Portland that were different, being fast and efficient, and trying to shoot two guys at once.  Not the easiest task, but we were up for the challenge and when it was said and done, they said, “That wasn’t at all bad…it was actually kind of fun!”  Total guys!

Tonya and I wish them luck in their futures and can’t wait to see the men they will become.


[image align=’center’ src=’/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Senior-pictures-Wilsonville-High-School-naccarato-photography-12.jpg’]

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