Just recently Tonya and I had the honor of photographing the lovely Erika.  She is a Hillsboro girl that attends Century High School.  Taking her Senior Pictures was a good time for everyone involved, since she had her entire family along so they could all experience it.  This year she is Captain of the Dance Team and as you will see by her flexibility, she should be!  Now, I couldn’t show you all my dancing skills and how flexible I am, but I did do some stretching with her in the video (haha).

We went to several different locations so we could get a variety of images for her.  She wanted some wheat field portraits, some grungy-type photos, and something with water.  Well…we accomplished all that.  From taking some shots in front of a container box, to an alley way, antique buildings, to actually getting “into” a local river (it was shallow don’t worry).  There were some dicey moments carrying my camera into swift water, but everything turned out a-ok, and nobody was hurt during the filming of the video!  We even sent her dad to get a Vogue magazine for a prop! Hope you enjoy some behind the scenes video and a handful of images she chose from her session. As always, feel free to LIKE our Fan Page, follow us on Pinterest & Instagram, as well as on Twitter.  You can also subscribe to our new YouTube Channel where we will be posting other educational and behind the scenes videos not posted on our blog.  We love our Social Media and I’m sure Erika would love to see your comments below. ~Ciao