Let me begin by saying that this young man has a special place in my heart.  Why you ask?  Because he is my nephew.  My sister's first born.

I have watched him grow up since he was born.  From him being this quite young boy, to a tremendous athlete and quite frankly a ripped stud.  This young man plays a sport that only a few do in the Portland-Metro Valley area; Rugby.  How he found a passion for rugby I will never know, but it's cool none the same.

I knew in his session that I wanted something edgy and different, and in his hometown of Newberg, Oregon.  Why is Newberg so special?  Because it's my hometown as well and where I graduated from high school in 19*^% (let's just not discuss that right now).

Since I grew up in that town I knew of some cool places I wanted to photograph him for sure.  The first that came to mind was the towns old feed mill.  It has such character and has a big history with me.  I used to walk past it daily on my 3-mile walk through the snow barefoot to grade school everyday.  I would go inside, eat some grain (hey don't judge) and say hi to all the guys working there.  It was a cool hangout for me and my friends.  When we got there on the abandoned tracks, I broke out the big-dog lights and created some of the images below.

We also decided to shoot at my old grade school, Central.  However, it's not a grade school anymore so the old brick is gone, but the location still had some cool character around it and he was game for anything.

The rugby image was shot in an old haunted warehouse far, far, away :-).

All in all, it was a great shoot that my wife Tonya, sister Jessica, and brother-in-law Matt, and hopefully Eric will remember forever.

Eric is preparing for the United States Marine and will head off to serve our Country in June, 2015, doing bootcamp at Camp Pendleton.  We wish him luck!


HDR Compositing of Ruby player in Warehouse
Senior guy pose in Newberg, Oregon along railroad tracks
High School Senior Guys pictures that include HDR, compositing, and edgy composing.  © Naccarato Photography