Darcy Lapier Cowgirl Fitness Workout

by Nov 13, 2013Portraits, Sports0 comments

Being a professional barrel racer competing on all over the Northwest and across the Country is not an easy task.  Long hours pulling a trailer with horses from rodeo to rodeo takes it’s toll on a body.  Because of that, Darcy has put together a cowgirl workout for herself that keeps the muscles toned she needs to do her job, and stay on top of her house blazing a hot trail across arenas everywhere.  It doesn’t hurt that she has her own custom gym on her ranch to visit daily.

As you will see by just some of her exercises below, she focus on barbell curls for her biceps and triceps and uses a variety of methods.  For lower body strength, using a squat rack with some safety mechanisms built in helps her tone her quads, gluteus, hamstrings, and calves.  These are imperative muscles to be toned due to the legs being very important in controlling the horse and he’s maneuvering from barrel to barrel at top speeds. Darcy then completes her workout with heavy cardio to ensure she is keeping the heart healthy.  Of course we think she exchanges the boots and spurs with tennis shoes for the treadmill!

Darcy LaPier cowgirl fitness workout. Photographed by John & Tonya Naccarato. © Naccarato Photography