Last night I was reminded of why Tonya and I like to go to a particular store to shop (not that we get to go there all the time mind you). Our 23-year anniversary is coming up on the 15th of February so we were both thinking about what we were going to do for each other.

Since we go to Las Vegas around this time every year for our Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International Conference (WPPI) we decided we should gift each other by picking up a few new “duds” for the week. Our first choice to head to was Buckle. Now this one of those stores where you’re not going to get a “ton” of clothes for your money, but what they do have is outstanding customer service from the time you get there.

In my opinion, there are not many stores you can go into where someone spends the entire time with you, pulling your sizes off the rack, putting them on your dressing room door, grabbing different sizes, suggesting accessories, maybe shoes, and different styles. Now we all know they want to sell clothes, but they are not the pushy type trying to force it down your throat. They are simply your on-site stylist and are there to answer any questions you have.

Why is this important? It’s one thing that separates good companies from others, regardless of price; how your customers are treated. I would rather go somewhere with outstanding customer service and the experience and pay more, than a less expensive place and be completely ignored and spend more time looking for someone to help you, or open a dressing room. There’s always somebody cheaper, but it’s the overall experience that keeps customers coming back.

It just reminded me again there’s nothing like outstanding customer service and in our business of photography it is the most important thing for us. To make sure our clients feel they are the most important people in the world and are treated like rock stars from start to finish.

Happy Anniversary!!!