Welcome to Brynn’s Senior Session


JULY, 2016


For those of you that are not aware, central Oregon is one of the best spots in our great state.  As a Bend high school senior photographer who loves that side of the cascade mountains, traveling over there to photograph Bend High School senior pictures is somewhat of a treat.

Now, in this case, getting to photograph Brynn was all too special to me.  You see, I’ve know Brynn since she was a baby.  How?  Well, she and her dad Sean and I used to rodeo in high school on the Yamhill County rodeo team.  Yes, we go way back.  So as you can imagine, we’ve kept in touch throughout the years here and there and I was truly honored when he called up and said Brynn wanted us to take her Bend High School senior pictures.  My answer?  Hell yes!!!

bend high school senior pictures

She was not afraid to jump right in the river.

Photograph by John Naccarato

There wasn’t anything she would NOT do.  From getting in the river like the shot above to going on a hike.  We took this image by her wading out to the middle.  I also waded out into the middle with about $8,000 worth of camera equipment (camera, zoom lens, Profoto lighting, tripod, etc.). The sun had set behind the trees and we were in a race for the natural ambient light, but my off-camera light was going to add just the right amount of pop to make her jump in the image.

“If you want me to climb that big tree over there to get an awesome shot I would definitely do that!”

Needless to say, we had a great time all of us.  Reminiscing about the old days was the best.  Now, Brynn would start hysterically cracking up because there were things her dad NEVER told her.  Of course, I did, and that’s what was funny.  We made our own memories that day and finished it off at the local pizza shop.  Combination pizzas and beer were the best endings to a perfect day. Here are some more of the images we created that day.

bend high school senior pictures
bend high school senior pictures
bend high school senior pictures
bend high school senior pictures

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