One of them she named, “Bear.” He is definitely that…a bear sometimes. He likes to chase his mother (Savannah) around and not in a playful way either. He’s kind of a bully. He is very friendly other than that and tends to let us in the family carry him around and he just lays there.

One thing he does that still seems to amaze our friends is play fetch. Tonya found these small spongy balls and taught him to fetch them. She can throw them across the house, in the yard, or down the driveway and he’ll run after it, swat it down, put it in his mouth, run it back to us, and drop it at our feet for his reward (a good pet across the back). We think HE thinks he’s a dog.

Anyway, he follows Tonya around whereever she goes (counters, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.) and where she is…he is.

He was outside chilling the other day in the chair practings looking cool and his “Lion” roar, so I grabbed a couple images of him. He is a character….

Here he is practicing his "Lion Roar"