Alec’s Graduation Pictures
by Clackamas High School Senior Photographer ©

The challenge of High School Senior photographers

One of the things that I love about being a Senior photographer is that there is a different challenge everytime I photograph somebody.  Take Alec for example.  How am I going to photograph his graduation pictures differently than any other senior from Clackamas High School?  To do that I need to learn something about his style.  When I met him and Heather the day of his shoot, I could tell right away he had great style.  His clothes were clean, ironed, and color blocked (technical term).  I love this because there’s no competing colors and everything matches.

Planning the Session

I can basically take a location and based on the outfits he brought, what Tonya has looked at and planned in her mind as being good for the location, blend that together for a nice portrait image.  On this shoot, he wanted more of an urban look.  Since I live next to Portland, Oregon, I knew there were endless options.  Heather was great as well!  She was totally into whatever Alec wanted, which we love because it’s really is about the experience the senior has, which is right up our wheelhouse.

Finding a location

We headed to downtown Portland and shot on the east side of the Willamette River, finding little nooks and crannies that I thought would match his look and style of clothing.    Below are some images from one our custom albums we offer our clients and to see more photo shoots, check out our Blog.

Pinterest Image Collage for Senior Guys
Senior guy poses in an urban area with buildings and a train. © Naccarato Photography, LLC. Portland, Oregon