Chicken casserole Dish

A lovely Chicken and Monterey Jack Casserole, with raspberry devils food cake tonight by Chef Tonya. :)  I love it when she gets creative in her dishes…and so does our son!

Spicy Buffalo Meatballs

Tonight “Chef Tonya” made a nice plate of spicy buffalo meatballs on a sage season linguini.  On the side was a delicious salad, garlic bread, and mandarin oranges and cool whip.  Delicious!

Stuffed chicken asparagus

Tonight my lovely wife Tonya prepared a great dish with some of my favorite things; chicken, asparagus, green beens, and a salad with all my favorite fruits!  Man I can feel myself getting healthier and healthier! ~ Enjoying Food Photography through all the senses!...

Chicken & Sausage dish

Tonight’s dinner by Tonya?  Chicken & Sausage with Blackberry reduction. Side of seared artichoke hearts and crisp zucchini salad. Hello!