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Meet the Naccarato’s

What makes us different?

Professional Lighting

We use state of the art off-camera lighting to give your portraits that "magazine" style soft beauty look (for the girls), or a more edgy look (for the guys).  I mean let's face it, there is not always "great" light in this world whether outside in direct sun, or indoors in a dark venue at your dream wedding.  No matter what the environment is, we can shoot it.  Our goal is to make your look your best and most natural.

Specialty Products

We not only offer the retouched file for you to use in your online business persona for LinkedIn profiles, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platform, but also products that you cannot find in the local chains such as custom framed metal prints.  The metal prints look spectacular in your place of business where people can put a face to the person that is helping them.

Custom Composite Creations

We create custom advanced composites placing you into scenes you never actually visited, to bring out your uniqueness.  We do this with our professional lighting, backdrops, and years of experience using all of the Adobe Creative Suite applications.


If you are wanting senior pictures that don’t look like “Uncle Bob” took them with a point and shoot, or pictures that look the same as everybody else, then you have found the right studio.  We dare to be different and so should you.


You want your first impression to be the best and having an updated headshot on your Website, LinkedIn, Social Media sites, or simply a dating site can make all the difference. We want your portrait to scream WOW!


Being a Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer and having beautiful venues is the perfect match to document your wedding story. We capture your day that allows future generations to experience it, even though they weren’t there.

There are certain times in your life when you know your life is about to change and you want to capture that moment right before or as it’s happening.  A few of those times are the times we love to capture.  High School Senior portraits, wedding photography, and a fresh portrait or headshot are those times.  Luckily that is our specialty.

Our home base in just outside Portland, Oregon but we love to do destination photography as well.  We have been lucky enough to travel to many destinations and photograph fabulous high school seniors, couples, and fashion models.  For us, it is all about capturing who “you” are and what makes you the one and only unique person you are.  We want to capture and document that for not only you and your family but those generations that come behind you.

We are a husband and wife team that both have specific jobs to make the experience one you will remember.  We take care of you and all the details that go into your shoot.  We have a phenomenal staff of professional hair and makeup artists that will enhance your already beautiful qualities.  We never forget… it’s all about you.