Kohl’s Graduation Pictures
by Las Vegas Senior Photographer

Meet Kohl

Kohl just happens to be the son of one my high school friend, Carrie.  I was elated when she asked me to take Kohl Senior Pictures.  Even though now I’m a Las Vegas Senior Photographer now, I had taken Kohl’s graduation pictures before we moved.

Our shoot happened in the City of Newberg where there were the things he wanted us to create during his session.  How did we plan it?  Keep reading.

Planning the Session

Planning starts with seeing if the senior already has a Pinterest Board that has likes and style they may want on their photoshoot.  Then, Tonya and I look for a location (or multiple locations) based on the outfits and overall vibe of the images. We then check out more social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to get a sense of who they are.

Locations For the Shoot

Now for Conner’s shoot based many factors, Carrie had ideas of certain this she wanted to include Since Kohl plays Ruby, she wanted a couple shots in his Rugby uniform, and one at Newberg High School.  Those were the majors and the rest was up to our imagination as the shoot progressed.  For the smoke I used a combination of a couple things.  You can check out my entire gear list and kit HERE.  Enjoy.

Senior guy poses in an urban area with buildings and a train. © Naccarato Photography, LLC. Portland, Oregon