Emily’s Graduation Pictures
by Oregon City High School Senior Photographer

Meet Emily

One of the things that I love about being a High School Senior photographer is that there is a different challenge every time I photograph somebody. I love meeting new people and bringing out the best version of themselves.  I was lucky enough to get a call from a long time fellow friend of mine asking if I could take his daughter’s senior pictures?  I couldn’t have said yes any quicker.  You see, Emily was not only the daughter of my friend but the survivor of a horrible car crash in which a drunk driver hit her.  She almost lost her life.  I was truly honored to get the opportunity to meet and photograph her.

Our shoot happened close by in the City of Canby where there were the things she wanted us to create during her session.  How did we plan it?  Keep reading.

Planning the Session

Planning starts with seeing if the senior already has a Pinterest Board that has likes and style they may want on their photoshoot.  Then, Tonya and I look for a location (or multiple locations) based on the outfits and overall vibe of the images. We then check out more social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to get a sense of who they are.

Location(s) For the Shoot

Based on the discussions we had with Emily’s mom and dad, and other research we did, we decided that the City of Canby would be the best location for the shoot.

To start the shoot, we began at Canby Community River Park.  There are beautiful trees, a pond, and of course a great shallow river she can stand in.  She did awesome and even though it was a blistering hot day, the river never felt good to stand in.  After capturing images there, she got changed and we headed to another park in downtown where we shot more images, then headed to take some more urban type shots, still within Canby.

Pinterest Image Collage for Senior Girls
Senior guy poses in an urban area with buildings and a train. © Naccarato Photography, LLC. Portland, Oregon