Emily’s Graduation Pictures
by Clackamas High School Senior Photographer ©

Meet Emily

One of the things that I love about being a High School Senior photographer is that there is a different challenge every time I photograph somebody and I love meeting new people and bringing out the best version of themselves.  Emily is one of those girls you meet who you immediately start to smile back at because SHE is always smiling.  Our shoot happened close by in the City of Newberg where there were the things she wanted us to create during her session.  How did we plan it?  Keep reading.

Planning the Session

Planning starts with seeing if the senior already has a Pinterest Board that has likes and style they may want on their photoshoot.  Then, Tonya and I look for a location (or multiple locations) based on the outfits and overall vibe of the images. We then check out more social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to get a sense of who they are.

Now for Emily’s shoot based on her Secret Pinterest Board, she wanted a couple looks.  Some had nature and the rest with an urban look.

Finding a location

Since I live near Newberg, Oregon, I knew there were endless options.  We started at our home studio where she had her hair and makeup done.  We then drove to the Newberg and started out at Herbert Hoover Park.  This is a fun location because it has a creek, bridges, and old trails.  It has pretty good shading when needed and you are pretty much free to move around without much interference.  We then moved into the city streets where there were some cool buildings and architecture that really tied the outfits the gals put together.

Pinterest Image Collage for Senior Girls
Senior guy poses in an urban area with buildings and a train. © Naccarato Photography, LLC. Portland, Oregon